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Marina Bay Watch Company provides quality repairs on intricate timepieces that require care and maintenance. Preventative maintenance will help ensure accurate timekeeping. If your watch fails in any way, we provide fast on site watch repair in Marina Del Rey, California. For over a generation we have provided proven quality and service of top name watch brands for our valued customers in the Los Angeles area.


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Are you frustrated because your watch stopped working and you don't know where to take it to get it repaired? Are you not getting the quality and service you deserve from other watch repair shops that you have been going to? Look no further. You have found the best watch repair facility in town.

Eight reasons to choose Marina Bay Watch Company for all your watch repair service needs:

  1. Affordable
  2. Experienced
  3. Fast
  4. Honest
  5. Quality
  6. On-site
  7. Professional
  8. Reputable

The professionals in our watch service center knows how important your watch is to you. To provide our customers with the best quality and customer service, we are constantly upgrading our watch repair tools and equipment to the latest technology.

Every timepiece that is fixed or serviced in our facility by our watchmakers including mechanical watches, will always meet the brands factory specifications. With a full-service, we do a complete overhaul of the mechanism in the watch. A complete overhaul is when the mechanism is completely disassembled and each component part including every mechanical gear is thoroughly cleaned. If our watchmakers observe a damaged part in your mechanism, they will either repair it, replace it, or fabricate a new part.

After every full-service, it is our priority to do thorough timekeeping adjustments with 96 hours of quality control to ensure your watch is timed perfect. Your watch case and band is meticulously refinished to restore your watch to look factory new again.



Service procedure followed in a complete overhaul of the mechanism in your watch

With a complete overhaul, the movement is disassembled and each watch part is thoroughly cleaned.

Step 1

Disassemble Process

Your watch bracelet is completely disassembled from the watch case. Then the case is opened, crown and stem are removed, and the movement is completely dismantled from the watch case.
Step 2

Watch Parts

The movement is completely disassembled, and our watchmakers carefully clean each component of the mechanism.
Step 3

Cleaning The Movement

Every component in the movement is ultrasonically cleaned using only the highest quality of cleaning solutions.
Step 4

Oiling the mechanism and lubrication

Every moving part in your watch is meticulously lubricated using only the highest quality synthetic oils. Carefully lubricating the gears prevents friction and will avoid future damage to any of the components of the movement. Preventative maintenance will assure you that your watch will last for many more years after it is serviced.
Step 5

Timing and Calibrating your watch

The most important factor in timing your watches mechanical or self winding movement is all in the balance wheel. We carefully calibrate the mechanism in your watch, so it will function properly and maintain the proper time.
Step 6

Refinishing your Case and Band

The band and case are thoroughly refinished to restore your watch to look new again. The bezel is completely dismantled and polished.  All the parts surrounding the case including the link screws are ultrasonically cleaned after this process.
Step 7


After the cleaning process, your bezel is installed, the crystal is installed, and the band is carefully put back together on your watch.
Step 8

Gaskets, Seals, and Water-testing

Following our thorough maintenance procedure your watch, your crystal, case tube, crown, and back gasket are all replaced and sealed with every service. Upon vigorous water-testing, if your watch does not pass water resistance your case tube and crown will be replaced. Finally your watch is ready to be water-tested to ensure your watch is ready to go diving again. Refer to our page that gives a complete explanation for the purpose of water testing.             For more information on Replacing Batteries on Water Resistant Watches click here
Step 9

Rigorous quality control


Please follow this link if you would like more information on other services offered at our facility for pocket watches. or  to Replace your battery


Is your watch running slow, running fast, or running too fast? Marina Bay Watch Company has the experience and knowledge to help you fix your watch so your timepiece is running precise. Maybe your watch hands are not moving? Bring your watch to our experts, and we will diagnose the problem while you wait free of charge.


Our watchmakers specialize in antique watch repair, and vintage watch repair. We provide full restoration of antique watches and vintage watches. Marina Bay Watch company provides complete overhauls on the mechanism of wind-up watches, self-winding watches, chronograph watches, and quartz watches. Other watch repair services we provide: crystal replacement, crystal repair, crown replacement, movement repair, movement replacement, dial refinishing, dial lume paint, band sizing, band replacement, band repair, gasket replacement, refinishing, case refinishing, band refinishing, cleanings, polishing, along with many other services.


Generally there are 3 type of mechanisms in watches that we service and repair. Watchmakers refer to the mechanism also as the type of calibre being repaired. The three types of mechanisms that are generally used in watches that our repair facility specializes in service are: wind up, self winding, and quartz movements. Quartz movements are commonly known as battery operated watches. Although wind up watches are the least common today, you can still get self-winding watches at the high end level of the Swiss watch market, but the vast majority of watches have quartz movements.

A comprehensive description on the types of watches that our company repairs and a detailed description of some of the watch parts we provide replacement and repair for.

Wind up watches are the first type of watches invented and considered to be the most tradional.  The origin of wind up watches began in the 16th century in Europe, where watches evolved from portable spring-driven clocks, which first appeared in the 15th century. In a manual wind watch the user must turn the crown many times to wind up the mainspring fully until it is completely tight. In turn the mainspring will then store the energy. The mainspring will slowly unwind and release the energy through a series of gears and springs which will regulate the release of energy. The energy is then transferred to the watch hands to tell the proper time. Generally in manually wound watches, you should be winding them every 24 hours. Often times, mechanical watches will dry up and need service after years of wear. Other times, parts inside the mechanism will just break and need to be repaired or replaced. We offer full service and repair on wind up watches.

Self winding or automatic watches is the second form of mechanical watches. Often referred to as self-winding movements. Watches that are automatic are the most popular of the mechanical watches because the user does not have to worry about manually winding their watch everyday. These watches are the most desired for the watch enthusiasts because of the technical craftmanship and complications. And becasue as long as the watch is worn regularly, it will maintain power without requirring winding. Often times, self winding watches will dry up and need service after years of wear. Other times, parts inside the mechanism will just break and need to be repaired or replaced. We offer full service and repair on automatic or self-winding watches.

Quartz watches are the most popular of the three. They are the most accurate and require the least maintenance aside from changing the battery. Quartz watches utilize a battery as the primary power source. To create power in a Quartz watch movement, the battery sends an electrical current through a small quartz crystal, electrifying the crystal to create vibrations. These vibrations keep the movement oscillating and drives the motor to move the watch hands. A quartz watch consist of a circuit, coil, set lever, hour wheel, minute wheel, second hand wheel, along with gears, and screws that hold all the components together. These watches are broken down into two main groups: Analogue watches that tell time with hands, and digital watches that displays the time digitally (i.e. in numerals or other symbols), as opposed to an analog watch, where the time is indicated by the positions of rotating hands. Often times, quartz watches will dry up and need service after years of wear. Other times, parts inside the mechanism will just break and need to be repaired. We offer full service and repair on most quartz watches.

A Watch crystal is the clear cover that goes over the dial to protect it. Generally there are three types of crystals that we provide repair or replacement for on watches: Sapphire crystal, mineral crystal, and plexiglas (plastic) or hesalite (acrylic) crystals.

Sapphire crystals are generally used on upper mid level to high-end Swiss watches. Sapphire crystals are sliced (with diamond-tipped cutters) and polished to become a watch crystal. In addition to being the most scratch resistant and scratchproof, a sapphire crystal is the strongest to withstand cracks and breakage then glass or plastic. The only thing that can scratch this crystal is a diamond or another sapphire. We provide sapphire crystal replacement on most watches.

Mineral crystal is an ordinary glass crystal that has been heat treated or chemically treated to withstand scratches. While it is not as scratch-resistant as sapphire, it is more scratch-resistant then plastic. This crystal is the most popular that is in watches because it is more affordable to make then a sapphire crystal.

Plastic crystal will scratch the easiest. But the benefit with a plastic crystal is that we can buff or polish the scratches out.

Watch crown are also referred to as buttons and used to wind some watches. Generally there are four functions for a crown: set the time, set day and date, wind the watch, or stop the watch. Watch crowns are broken down to typically four different kinds that we repair or replace: waterproof crowns, screw down crowns, dust proof crowns, and the Japanese style crowns. We provide repair or replacement on crowns.

Winding stem is the interface between the exterior and interior of a watch from the crown to the movement. Manipulating the winding stem from the crown by turning, pulling, and pushing the crown winds and sets the movement. One end of the winding stem is threaded, where the crown is attached. We can repair your winding stem.

Watch dial is part of an anolog watch that goes over the movement that displays the time through the use of a fixed-numbered dial and moving hands.Our extensive repair service also provides dial repair and replacement.

Watch Bands, watch straps, and watch bracelets is the bracelet that connects to the case of a watch and straps a wrist watch onto the wrist. Watch bands can be made of leather, metal, plastic, rubber, cloth, and nylon. Watch bands can also be made made of solid gold, silver, platinum, or even gold plated. Do you have a broken watch strap? We have a large selection of watch bands to choose from for any of your watches. We offer a large selection of leather bands in calf skin, lizzard, crocodile, aligator, and  teju along with many others. Our company also carries Dive bands for most dive watches. Marina Bay Watch Company provides repair on bands and bracelets for any of your watches, including band sizing while you wait.

Watch Case tube is the tube often not visible that is on the side of watch where the crown sits on and the stem goes through. Case tubes help the crown to sit sturdy on your case without allowing the crown to wobble or leak from any water. Our repair facility provides case tube repair or case tube replacement if necessary.

Watch clasps, buckles, and deployment clasp is the part of a bracelet where the clasp opens and closes to secure the bracelet around your wrist. Deployment clasp is a hidden clasp that is also know as a butterfly clasp that opens at both ends of the bracelet. A deployment clasp looks like butterfly wings when the clasp is fully opened. Marina Bay Watch Company provides repair or replacement on clasps, buckles, and deployment buckles for any of your watches.

Spring bar are usually made of stainless steel and it is the pin that connects your wrist band to the watch case. They are also used to connect a buckle or clasp to your watch band. Spring bars allow you to easily depress to put a watch band on or remove. We carry a large selection of spring bar pins necessary to fix your watch.

Antique watches are watches that were made over a century ago. This means that your antique watch was made over a 100 years ago. Our watchmakers can service and repair any of your antique watches.

Vintage watches were made over 25 years ago in an era when they were most popular and are no longer being made. Our watchmakers can service and repair any of your vintage watches.

We look forward to serve you for all your watch repair needs!