Affordable Jewelry Repair Service in Marina Del Rey!
Jewelry Repair

Expert Jewelry Repair in Marina Del Rey!

At Marina Bay Watch Company we can help you with some of your Jewelry Repair needs. We provide jewelry repair including stone setting, ring sizing, necklace repair, bracelet repair, pearl restringing, fashion jewelry repair, Jewelry Polishing,  Clasp repair, and other jewelry services.

We offer FREE Jewelry cleaning at all times just for visiting Marina Bay Watch Company! Jewelry Polishing is also available at a minimal cost. 


With Our Expert Jewelery Repair Service, we can clean Jewelry while you wait for FREE! Polishing offered at an additional charge.


Do you have a favorite Necklace or Bracelet that is broken?

Bring in your necklace or bracelet so we can fix it for you. Our

Jewelers will check to see if your Clasp is functioning properly as well. We can even Fix

 your broken charms & pendants so you can wear it again.


Do you have a broken Pearl Necklace? Our Company does Pearl stringing! Trust Marina Bay Watch Company with your jewelry repairs!

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