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Our company is located in the lovely town of Marina Del Rey. We are located near Culver City and Santa Monica.

We provide watch battery replacement and stock batteries for all watch brands. All Watch batteries replaced will meet factory Specifications. If you just need a simple battery change for your watch, we can replace it for you while you wait. Our experts can change any of your batteries including high-end Swiss watches. Replacing Watch Batteries requires many different types of tools to safely and effectively open the case back. Our company carries all the state of the art equipment to replace your watch battery.

Maintaining the water resistance on your watch after the battery is replaced

(For an extensive explanation on the water-resistant process for your watch, scroll down to bottom of page and click our water-testing link.)

Indication that your watch battery needs to be replaced

When your Watch battery is going bad, often it will lose time. Other times your watch will keep perfect time, but the second hand will jump in two to five second intervals indicating that it is time to replace your battery. The last way to know that it is time to replace your battery, your watch will just completely stop.

Procedure in replacing your watch battery

The first thing our technicians will do is analyze your watch to distinguish immediately the proper tool required to replace your battery. This picture illustrates a watch in which the back pops open with a special blade.

This picture illustrates a watch that requires a case back wrench to replace the the watch battery.  This is the most common tool used for replacing batteries on dive watches or any other water resistant type watches.

This picture illustrates a watch that requires a special screwdriver designed to aid in a battery replacement.

Remove case back to replace watch battery

Once we have identified the correct tool to open your watch, your case back will be carefully removed.

Removing your watch battery

It is very imperative that when removing your watch battery, not to get any fingerprints or dust anywhere inside.

Identify which battery your watch takes

Our technician carefully examines the parts inside for any dust, water, or damage. From here, we confirm the batter necessary for replacement.

Battery installation

Once we confirmed the parts around the contacts are okay, your battery is carefully installed.

Confirm the watch is working with a new battery

Once we confirm your watch is ticking, we are ready to go through all your gaskets and water testing. If your battery leaked from sitting around or your watch just needs additional service, we can assist you.

If your watch is not working with a new battery


Additional Watch Services

Crucial water resistant information after battery replacement


Replacing Batteries on Water Resistant Watches

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