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Tag Heuer WatchMarina Bay Watch Company specializes in battery replacement for Tag Heuer watches with a same day turn around in Marina Del Rey, California. Our company has state of the art equipment required to properly reseal and water test your watch. Over a generation, our exceptional quality has proved to make us the best place in Los Angeles to get a battery for your Tag Heuer watch.

Indications that your Tag Heuer watch battery needs to be replaced

When your Tag Heuer battery is going bad it will often slowly lose time. Other times your Tag Heuer may keep perfect time, but the second hand will jump in two to five second intervals indicating that it is time to replace your battery. The last way to know that it is time to replace your battery, your Tag Heuer will just completely stop.


Procedures Involved In Replacing Your Tag Heuer Battery

Step 1


The first thing our technicians will do is analyze your Tag Heuer to distinguish immediately the proper tool required to replace your battery safely and effectively. This picture illustrates a Tag Heuer that requires a special wrench to unscrew the back to get to the battery. The most common tool used for replacing batteries on Tag Heuer dive watches would be with a case back wrench.
Step 2

Remove Case back to Replace Watch Battery

This picture illustrates a Tag Heuer that requires a special screwdriver designed to aid in a battery replacement. Once we have identified the correct tool to open the case, your Tag Heuer case back will be carefully removed.
Step 3

Removing your Tag Heuer Battery

It is very important that when removing the battery, not to get any fingerprints or dust anywhere inside.
Step 4

Identify which battery your watch takes

Our technician carefully examines the parts inside for any dust, water, or damage. From here, we confirm the battery necessary for replacement.
Step 5

Battery Installation

Once we have confirmed the parts around the contacts are okay, your battery is carefully installed.
Step 6

Confirm the watch is working with a new battery

Once we confirm your Tag Heuer is ticking and moving, we are ready to go through all your gaskets and water testing. If your battery leaked from sitting around or your Tag Heuer just needs additional service, we can assist you.
Step 7

The gasket sealing process for your Tag Heuer and water testing

This stage is the most crucial step when replacing a battery on a Tag Heuer to ensure the water resistance. After confirming your watch operates with the new battery, all of the gaskets are sealed (or replaced if necessary) prior to water-testing. For more information about water resistance and a breakdown on the process, please visit our page which talks about this thoroughly.

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