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Rado WatchWe are experts at service and repair on your Rado timepiece.  We take pride in your Rado watch and we always make sure with every cleaning that your repair meets factory specifications. Even if you just need a simple Rado battery replacement and waterproofing, we can assist you while you wait.

One important factor in maintaining your quartz, mechanical wind, or self winding Rado watch is assuring that all the gaskets are not broken or dried up to assure yourself that your Rado Watch will not leak from exposure to water. It is critical that your watch passes our water test to avoid any future water damage.

Service and upkeep on your new or vintage Rado is a critical part of maintaining your watch properly.

Other Rado repairs and services offered by our company include full overhauls on mechanical wind and self winding movements, watch batteries, crystal replacements, crown replacements, dial refinishes, case and band refinishing, band repair, band sizing, clasp repair, clasp replacement, and many other services.

The steps involved in our Rado Repairs & Rado Services are as follows (this includes vintage Rado repairs as well),

  • Complete dismantling of the watch and movement followed by careful inspection of all components
  • Cleaning and repair of worn or damaged movement parts
  • Reassembly of the movement, oiling of the jewels, and calibration of timing mechanism
  • crown & tube repair, if necessary
  • Replacement of case back gaskets
  • Polishing & refinishing of the case & bracelet, unless otherwise instructed
  • Rigorous quality control over a period of 72 hours, including timekeeping, water resistance test to factory specifications, and visual inspection
  • One-year service guarantee

All Rado Repairs and Rado Services include a 1 year warranty and it is recommended to service your Rado watch every 2-3 years.