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(Photo: Owner Michael Vartanian) "I take pride in my quality of work and service with each and every customer that supports Marina Bay Watch Company"

  • 12/2013

    Walked in at noon to get my watch resized. Michael didn't think he had the extra links to do it but after searching his store, found the appropriate links for my Michael Kors watch. Perfectly resized the watch in under 10 minutes.. He is amazing!

    Not only is he great at what he does, but he does it with a smile on his face at all times. Great attitude!

    Definitely my new go-to watch repair...

  • 12/2013

    I needed to get my Skagen watch resized.  I yelped for local watch shops and this place had good reviews.  I called and asked how much it was to resize a men's watch.  The person asked what brand and then said it would be $10-$14.  
    Went to the store, about three customers came in at the sometime, but the person was really friendly and took my watch and said it would take about 10 minutes.  And worked with the customers in the order we came in.
    I'll be back as I have a wrist watch that needs some attention.
    The store is pretty much at the corner of Washington and PCH in the small shopping center.

Javier M.


Come here for all my watch batteries and repairs. They have always been amazing and have now superseded my expectations.

I recently took a diesel watch in for a battery and he accidentally broke my cryatl. Instead of making excuses and offering to fix it they ordered me a new watch which was ready for pick up a few days later.

These guys go above and beyond. Thank you!

Lynda P.


Wonderful business. They fixed a very challenging problem with my French carriage clock. Skilled, honest and reliable. I will be back if there are problems with other clocks. They have earned my respect. Thanks for the great job and going the extra mile for me.

Steve P.

Rolled in to get my Swiss Army battery replaced and even during the busy Holiday Season I was taken care of in 5 minutes. Great place.

Baron B.


These guys are awesome.

I did a Yelp and Google search, and I can see why Marina Bay Watch Company is so highly regarded. Michael and I hit it off right away.

I wasn't sure if the watch I've had for so long was worth fixing. He assured me he could take care of it and it would be financially feasible.

He was true to his word AND he also fixed some additional things on the watch FOR FREE. This is a solid business who actually cares about their customers. (A rarity these days.)

It was so nice getting to know him....he just got married, so we joked about how as new husbands, we need to watch our expenses and take care of our wives. The human element goes a long way at building trust and sustaining relationships.

Thanks so much, Michael. You've got a great business, and I'm sure others will see the value, sincerity, and diligence you give to every one of your customers.

Photo of Daniel G.Daniel G Playa Vista, CA

Just wanted to let everyone know that Marina Bay Watch Company rocks!
Each and every time I go there for anything, they are so fast and very
knowledgeable about everything.
Thanks guys..

Photo of Jody E. Jody E. CA

They've serviced an expensive dive watch as well as a waterproof Breitling for me with no issues whatsoever.

My experience is that their work is stellar, and they are reliable and trustworthy. That's from 12 years of regular experience with them.

Not sure what other businesses I could say that about!

P.S. They moved to the small shopping center on the southwest corner of Washington and Lincoln a few years ago. Much easier in and out. Park right in front.

Photo of Alan W. Alan W. Marina del Rey, CA

I have been going here for 2 years now. Mike and his staff are great. They remember you, and what you like, and are very trust worth in this economy with diamonds, gold, and expensive watches. Great place for repairs, and new watches and bracelets as well.
Thanks Mike

Photo of Ro S. Ro S. Los Angeles, CA
My husband is a good man. Really. But he has a problem: watches are his drug. He has way too many of them. And most of them don't work. In comes Marina Bay Watch Company.

He called and was assured he could bring the watches in for same day service. My husband took four watches to have links removed and batteries replaced. He said the service was fast, efficient, and friendly. The watches are now in perfect working condition. What else can you ask for? I think this will even hold him over so that he doesn't buy another watch for awhile. Thanks Marina Bay Watch Company!
Photo of Natalia R. Natalia R. Los Angeles, CA
They saved my life today :) I just recieved a beautiful Cartier watch as a gift and I needed to remove one link so that it fits perfect. I thought I could do it myself with an eyeglasses screw but I ended up messing up the screw! So I thought I damaged the watch forever. But I called them and went over to their shop and he got it removed within minutes. I was so relieved! Now I can wear my beautiful watch and it fits!!!!! yay!
Definitely will go back with any jewelry/watch repairs that I need.
Photo of Allison L. Allison L. Los Angeles, CA
I have a serious addiction. To watches. I currently own 8. Yes, 8. And I want more. Yes, more.

When I noticed  that one of my watch batteries had died, I figured, no worries, I have 7 others. Wrong. The batteries in ALL my watches had died. At the same time. It freaked me out. I'm still a little freaked out.

But now I had a bigger problem. Who would I trust my watches to? All of them. At once. On the recommendation of Kate E., I went to the Marina Bay Watch Company.

Their pricing was fair and they were even able to replace the strap on one of my favorites that I had found in a random shop in Florence, Italy. 20 minutes later, all 8 of my watches were fixed.
Photo of Kate E. Kate E. Los Angeles, CA

Whenever I need a new strap or a new battery, I head over to Marina Watch.  They are always INCREDIBLY nice, quick, and knowledgeable.  I feel safe leaving my watch for an hour while I kick it in the gym, knowing I will come back to quality work at a quality price.

They also have a hefty variety of watches for purchase, but I don't dare look at prices.

Photo of Aubrey T. Aubrey T. Playa Del Rey, CA

Got a cheap Guess watch's face replaced there for 30 bucks - the first watch I bought with my own wage during high school, means a lot to me. Looks like sapphire, crazy fast, left a voicemail when done, free new battery..., what more can you ask for? Highly recommend. Will definitely go back for any work about watches that I don't want to do myself.

Photo of Candice R. Candice R. Northridge, CA
Didn't want to trust my watch to a kiosk at the mall because it just has too much sentimental value for me, so I turned to Yelp. Like most of reviewers, I am (so far) completely satisfied with my service. Very friendly gentlemen, and quick service! They said 10 minutes, and it was done in 15, but how can I complain when it's normally an hour or more at other places. Only $8.95+tax to replace a battery, with good service to boot. I would come back again for any other watch repairs/battery replacements. Also, the battery is guaranteed up to a year. Keep the receipt, and they'll grant you a free battery if it quits before then.
My only complaints:
1) Took a few minutes longer than expected.
2) Difficult to find. It was my first time there. It's across from DSW Shoes, on the second level. Parking is free... yay!
Photo of Bonnie L. Bonnie L. San Diego, CA

Great place, very convenient and super friendly. They sometimes advertise a coupon in The Argonaut (ooh, I should review them next, can we review newspapers?), which is why I went in to Marina Bay. The coupon gives you a battery replacement for $4.95. I brought my boyfriend's watch in to have the battery replaced and (I guess his name is) Michael found three inside, which I didn't realize.  He did each battery for the coupon price, which he offered and I didn't expect.  Nice fellow!  

They don't do engraving.

They do sell watch bands (leather too).

Other jewelers in the area do battery replacements for $11.95, e.g. Swiss Jewelers across the street.  But they're doing my engraving.  Haha.

Photo of Brian R. Brian R. Marina del Rey, CA

This place was close to my new house and got awesome reviews -- so I decided to head in to get some watches cleaned, batteries replaced, and buy a new band for a watch I had recently purchased on a cruise.  

What I need in a jewelry shop -- people that are honest, know their stuff, and aren't too pricey.  Usually you walk into a place and feel just okay about the experience, but within 5 minutes of talking with Mike, the owner, I knew that my search was over.  

You can tell that this guy GENUINELY cares about his customers and their jewelry.  

He patiently showed me a ton of different bands for my new watch and explained how they'd be able to custom attach them for me.  

He passed on the opportunity to upsale me when he recommended one of the less expensive bands because he thought it matched my watch better (and he was right).  

And within just a few minutes of chatting it up, he was telling me his profit margins and explaining his customer service philosophy.  

For what it's worth... I've only been to Marina Bay Watch company once, met with them for a total of ~10 minutes, and in general don't get too excited about getting maintenance done on my watches, but I honestly had such a positive experience that it prompted me to write my first Yelp review.  People and service that go above and beyond the call of duty need to be recognized...

Photo of Alison A. Alison A. Marina del Rey, CA

The bracelet on my Omega was damaged, and I found these guys through trusty Yelp reviews. The owner is super-friendly and very knowledgeable. He offered to fix the bracelet and clean the watch (it needed it--I wear it for everything and it takes a lot of abuse). It was ready 30 minutes later, looking brand new--the bracelet had been repaired and meticulously cleaned, and all scratches were buffed out. If you have timepieces needing expert attention, this is the place to go!

Photo of K G. K G. North Hollywood, CA

Thank god for Marina Bay Watch Company.  I've had a watch for over 18 months without a battery and I finally (finally!) made it over to get the battery changed. It took 3 minutes and cost less than $10.

Photo of Adam B. Adam B. Venice, CA

I have to say, Marina Bay Watch Company has been my best watch repair experience in the last five years.  I went in with several watches, some in need of new batteries other watches that needed links taken out.  The repair man, who is also the manager, was kind, courteous and very knowledgeable RE ETA movements, swiss pricing and current watch trends.  In 20 minutes I had all 5 watches finished and was out the door, even with a slight discount on the already low rate.  I would HIGHLY recommend this store to anyone on the West Side looking for any type of watch repair from overall maintenance to battery, crystal or watch band replacement...even if you're in the market for pre-owned Swiss Made luxury brands.  Two Thumbs way up!