BULOVA WATCH - Leader in the Watch Industry Dated Back to 1875.

BULOVA WATCH Corporation is one of the Largest and most respected WATCH companies in the world dated back to 1875.

We are an AUTHORIZED DEALER of BULOVA WATCHES and have the largest selection of BULOVA WATCHES. We are located in Marina Del Rey between Santa Monica and Culver City.  The beauty of BULOVA WATCHES is that they are so diverse. If you are looking for a traditional BULOVA WATCH there are plenty of BULOVA WATCHES in the line to choose from. If you are looking for a more sporty modernized BULOVA WATCH there are a lot of Great styles to compete against higher end brands for a more affordable price.

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BULOVA WATCHES are the signature brand for the BULOVA Corporation. The BULOVA WATCH COLLECTION is mid-priced ($135 - $550 retail) and has classic styling.BULOVA WATCHES  also have a collection of 14-karat gold watches ($495 - $3,495 retail).

Founded in 1875, The BULOVA CORPORATION is headquartered in New York and is part of the American owned and operated Loews Corporation. BULOVA WATCHES is one of the world's most popular brand names in WATCHES.

BULOVA TIMEPIECES use only the finest material, precision craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology for enduring quality and performance. All BULOVA WATCHES purchased from AUTHORIZED DEALERS are backed by a 2-year warranty.

At the heart of each BULOVA WATCH is precision accuracy. From the finest quartz movements to alternative technologies such as solar or mechanical energy, each BULOVA WATCH is guaranteed to be accurate to within one minutes a year. Every BULOVA is anti-magnetic, shock-resistant, and features a unique distortion-free and scratch-resistant Dura-Crystal®.

BULOVA WATCHES uses only the finest materials for its bracelets and straps. Many of BULOVA bracelets are solid stainless steel. Some are plated with BULOVA'S unique 23-karat hard gold process, which is tempered to give an extra durable finish. Other bracelets are ion plated with a patented gold process for an ultra-resilient finish. The straps are made from the finest leathers to resist wear and maintain their elegant look.

Bulova offers a wide range of styling to meet everyone's needs. The Marine Star Collection represents elegance in a sport look. With stainless steel bracelets, screw backs, ratchet bezels and water resistance up to 200 meters (660 feet), Marine Star watches provide enduring performance with superlative style.

BULOVA DIAMOND WATCHES use only genuine faceted diamonds for lasting quality and ultimate brilliance. With both classic and contemporary styles to choose from, it is easy to see why BULOVA leads the industry in diamond dial, diamond case and diamond bracelet WATCHES.

BULOVA 14 KARAT GOLD WATCHES are heirloom quality timepieces. All BULOVA 14 KARAT GOLD WATCHES are "moisture resistant". These WATCHES are capable of withstanding ordinary moisture involved in daily use.

All BULOVA WATCHES have Swiss movements and either European or American bracelets. These sophisticated WATCHES offer breathtaking styling and outstanding value in 14-karat gold as well as 18-karat gold and stainless steel. From classic and contemporary straps and bracelets, to specialty chronographs and advanced technologies, BULOVA offers several hundred styles to choose from.

THE BULOVA CORPORATION also manufactures and distributes four other brands - Accutron, Caravelle, Harley Davidson watches and the Frank Lloyd Wright collection.

Accutron is their premiere brand and is the most expensive ($500 - $2,000 retail) and has the highest quality parts and movements. All Accutron WATCHES are Swiss made. Caravelle is their lower-priced line ($45 - $125 retail). Caravelle watches have the most contemporary styling.

Over the last 135 years, BULOVA WATCHES have completely evolved to one of the most beautiful mans and ladies line out there at affordable prices.